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I saved $6,000 over the dealer, The only negative, was the car was delivered dirty.The previous owner smoked in the car.The inside was clean.
FEB 18, 2020
I worked with Steve at Vroom to purchase a Camaro SS. On the first call it took around 30 minutes to submit the credit application, answer any questions, etc. Steve was super nice and professional, he answered all of my questions. This was on a Friday. He had the paperwork sent over next day, and was delivered by 10 am on Saturday. It is a huge stack of paperwork, like 50 pages or so. The only part about the paperwork I didn't like was a clause saying I couldn't sue them for anything without submitting some extra paperwork, but that isn't a big deal. They received the paperwork on Monday, and I wired my deposit over to them that same day. On Tuesday, they let me know that the paperwork was all set and that they would contact me once the vehicle was picked up. I was told this could take between 10-14 days. 3 days later (Friday) I receive a call from the delivery people letting me know the car will be delivered the next day between 11-2. On Saturday, the delivery person calls me and lets me know he will be there in 30 minutes (11:00). He couldn't get down my road due to the size of the transport vehicle, so he drove it down to my house. This is where the 1 star comes off. The car was absolutely filthy, which is understandable since it was transported a few thousand miles, but still sucked. The gas tank was empty. The car said it had 4 miles left in the tank, so I had to go to town, fill up a container of gas, come back home, and put it in the car. I have never bought a car that didn't come with at least half a tank of gas, I thought that was just the right thing to do. Lastly, the front bumper was poorly repainted. There was no mention of this anywhere on the contracts, web site, or by anyone I spoke with. There was overspray on the emblems, rubber, tire, and front grill. I called Vroom and let them know what happened, and they were very apologetic and told me to take it to a shop to get a quote on cost. I got the quote and sent it to them. A few days later, they let me know that they could pay the shop directly or they could reimburse me. All said, I am happy with my purchase and how easy the entire process was. From the first call to delivery it took 8 days. The empty tank and overspray were frustrating, but they at least paid to have hte overspray fixed. I would buy another car from them again, as long as I wasn't in a big hurry to get the car.
FEB 18, 2020
One of the best experiences I’ve had purchasing a vehicle! No hidden fees, extremely fast and great service! I will definitely use Vroom again in the future 😊
FEB 18, 2020

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