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There’s nothing more exciting than getting your hands dirty with great cars. When you work at Vroom, you’ll get the chance to work with all types of amazing rides: trucks, SUVs, hybrids, sports cars, luxury and limited edition vehicles, you name it. Everything you do will be vital in helping us make sure that our customers get the car of their dreams in great condition. Yes, that's right, you’ll literally be making dreams come true. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
perks working for automotive & logistics
perk-automotive-1Always something newHone your craft on a wide variety of cars and trucks. We always have new and different vehicles to work with.
perk-automotive-2You Grow, We GrowVroom stays ahead of the curve on emerging auto technology and also supports your continued development, for example we will reimburse your ASE certification.
perk-automotive-3Great BalanceBalance work with your life through paid holidays, sick time and vacation days granted upfront.