The quality of our vehicles begins with a stringent selection process, followed by a rigorous inspection and state-of-the-art reconditioning to bring the car to a standard where it drives, feels and looks great. This end-to-end process is what we call Supremely Certified.
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No accidents.
Our buyers are very selective. And so are we. You will never find a vehicle in our inventory that has had an accident reported to AutoCheck©. And we'll give you this report for free to make sure you know everything possible about your new car.
Vroom cars go through multiple inspections for safety, mechanical, and cosmetic issues. Vroom technicians tackle minor fixes and repairs, while vehicles that don’t meet our standards never make it to our site and are sent off to wholesale.
This is our (and the car’s) favorite part. At our 110-acre, state-of-the-art Vroom Reconditioning Center, we make sure every vehicle looks great and runs even better. We work hard to sell vehicles we’re proud of.